Every time I teach a class I am overwhelmed with gratitude that I have been blessed with this gift to share. After having had the privilege of teaching in countless gyms, studios, living rooms, bodies of water, and yards, it was the right time to create my own yoga home. This dream, come to fruition, is Blue Lotus Yoga.

"No Mud, No Lotus." -- Thich Nhat Hanh

The symbolism of the lotus flower is incredibly beautiful and resonates so strongly for me. The seeds contain perfectly formed leaves, exact replicas of the flower they will soon become. This symbolizes our potential for beauty and enlightenment. The long, flexible stem bends but never breaks, this is our resilience. The exquisite bloom breaking through the surface of the water and opening its petals, in all its glory, is our enlightenment to the beauty we hold within, our full potential realized. All of this beauty, growing through mud and reaching toward light. I am grateful for the mud as well as the light, as they have both shaped the person I am today. At Blue Lotus Yoga, my hope is that, through a regular yoga practice, you can begin to recognize the beauty within. A variety of classes are offered to meet you where you are. It is a safe place to leave judgement and competition at the door and just be YOU. Breathe, move, play and work through the mud toward the light.








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regular schedule

Monday & Friday

11:30 AM  - Mixed Level 

Yoga Dimensions (Newtown)


6:30 PM - All Level

Exhale Studio (Shelton)


9:30 AM - Gentle

10:45 AM - Chair

Monroe Senior Center

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